January 5, 2009

My V.C. Andrews Movement Progress

I am participating in the V.C. Andrews Movement/Reading Challenge hosted by Reviewer X and Taren.


I must read 11 out of 26 books by V.C. Andrews (four of her series and MY SWEET AUDRINA are options).

Book Cover

The only V.C. Andrews book I've read previously is MELODY, the first of the Logan series. My sister bought a discarded copy at the huge Friends of the Houston Library sale at George R. Brown Convention Center. It's been so long that I only remember the incest was with her cousin. I thought his name was Luke but Amazon says Cary. Makes sense since Luke Logan would be an awful name.

My progress:



  1. It's neither -it's Cary!

    I'm so glad you're joining, this is going to be great!

    Weirdly enough (because of a possible future post) I checked the laws in Massachusetts where the book is set and they actually allow first cousin marriage, so that's not technically incest.

  2. Aaaand I just saw where you said Cary. Forgive me, my contacts aren't in :P

  3. Incest is having sex with a family member; it doesn't matter if it's against the law or not. The British Royal Family must practice incest by law.

    But hey, non-illegal incest! Neither will be arrested for consensual intercourse.

  4. But here's the real question: Do any VC Andrews books NOT include incest? AUDRINA, maybe? I can't remember!

  5. This is the funniest 2009 challenge I've seen so far! And I don't think I've ever met someone who has read VC Andrews who hasn't read FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC! It's practically required reading for pre-teen girls, isn't it??

  6. Do I lose cool points or gain them if I admit to having already read all those series - and My Sweet Audrina?

    Is that a Win or a Fail?

  7. Holly, that's a win by my reckoning.

    Speed Reader, my mom considered V.C. Andrews real trash so the one my sister had she bought while we were with our dad.

    I chose this challenge because I figure I'll like the books no matter what. Either I'll find them good or so-bad-it's-good and I love so-bad-it's-good stuff.

  8. Sad to say, put me on the list of having read them all. I used to be addicted. It's like watching an accident on the side of the road, or the remote too far away to turn the channel while watching a Bridezilla marathon. :) I haven't read them in a long time. Not sure how I would see them today.

    I was so totally disappointed to find out she died a long time ago and most of the books are by a ghost writer.


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