February 23, 2009

Someday I'll Be Organized . . .

. . . and someday I'll understand that joke from Taxi Driver. Until then, how do ya'll keep organized?

(I think I saw something similar going around on one of those weekly memes, but that's not really why I'm asking.) This event in March is the first really big thing I've done and it requires more organization of me. I've got a folder in my e-mail for it and I've been using Microsoft Publisher to make a calendar.

I love this calendar. I think I may make more to help me keep on track with my reviews. I put my review copies in priority piles, but I tend to get distracted by the shiny and read in whatever order best pleases me. This isn't the best model for business, but then I remind myself this blog is for fun and games.

As for real life, I like to write a list of what I need to do that day. This calms me down because it makes my load feel more controllable. For instance, here's today's list:
Finish revising general scholarship essay.
Write draft of UEPS essay (55 lines)
Finish WAB scholarship application form
E-mail counselor about what counts as major 1 hours and what counts as major 2
Draft first three March posts
Go to program office and print A & J's stories
Write 200-250 word criticism on each story
Finish catching up on Creative Writing notebook (2 personal entries, 2 story reactions)
Reread and outline assigned chapters in Hobbes

I then calculate about how much time I think each task will take me and get to it. Don't know if other people use this method but I love it.

Also, since I'm unorganized I have not responded to those who e-mailed me the Calling all bloggers! survey. Just know there isn't a cut-off; everyone who replies will be posted. So answer if you haven't already!


  1. you have a busy schedule! geezz
    to stay organized, i write evry thing i have to do (from most important to least) in a spiral notebook. it actually works.

  2. Oh ma gawd, I almost forgot about the scholarships! I better start working on those...

    I use my school agenda. Since I'm forced to pay for it, I might as well use it. But usually, I only keep track of my homework and appointments in it. Other than that, it's all in my head.

    When it comes to books, I read whatever I feel like. If one is required to review, then I focus on it more than the other ones are not.

  3. For someone that's unorganized you sure seem organized! I like making lists too but for me, in order to make sure I do something, it has to be in plain view. At least that way it's a constant reminder that it needs to get done.

    I don't have daily to-do lists because I'm in a pretty deep groove but you need to just go with whatever works for you.

  4. You're infintely more organized with me. Although I did go out and buy some stickers last night to start prioritizing my review books.

  5. Diana - Do your scholarship forms! Mucho important!

    Clearly ya'll mistake piles for stacks . . .

  6. I've never been particularly organized--less so since I got married. Sometimes I'll make a list, but mostly I keep everything in my head.

    And I'm reading this book right now: http://www.aperfectmess.com/


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