March 3, 2010

Rachel Hawkins' Hex Hall Playlist

Rachel Hawkins is the author of the just released HEX HALL. (Note: That link to my review also links to a contest.) This debut author likes tacos, cheesecake, and James Dean (who doesn't?), and currently lives in a college town. HEX HALL, her novel, is set in Georgia and features a new girl whose roommate just might've killed her own roommate. (You thought your roommate situation was complicated.)


I'm one of those writers who has to have music to write. Putting my earbuds in and cranking up the tunes is just as essential for me as a comfy chair and a giant cup of coffee! So I thought I'd share some of my Hexy tunes with you today!

Now, I should start by saying that I have the uncoolest taste in music EVER. When I see authors with their super sweet indie-band playlists, I'm always like, "Ooh, I so wish I were that person! And not someone who writes to Richard Marx songs!"

Not that I write to Richard Marx songs. Because I don't. WHO TOLD YOU THAT?

Book Cover

Sometimes I make playlists for the book I'm writing while I writing it, but more often than not, I have to wait until the book is finished to create its "soundtrack." It was definitely that way with HEX HALL. There were some songs that I listened to over and over again writing it (Travis's "Luv" springs to mind), but a lot of the time, I listened to movie soundtracks or classical music. Anything that matched the emotions I was trying to hit. Only once the book was finished- and I mean, finished finished- could I make the following playlist! So here it is!

Natural Is Not In It- Gang of Four

Little Plastic Castles- Ani diFranco
Running Up That Hill- Placebo
Sally's Song- Fiona Apple

He Could Be The One- Josie Cotton
Pain- Jimmy Eat World
Lachrymosa- Evanesence
My Alomst Lover- A Fine Frenzy

Seat Out- The Guillemots


I think Rachel is way too hard on her musical taste. Any playlist that starts with a Gang of Four song that isn't "To Hell With Poverty" is cool. (Not that that isn't a good song; it just always gets associated with Gang of Four despite the fact they've got an incredible backlist.)


  1. Great playlist! Especially love the Placebo and A Fine Frenzy.

  2. that was a very great playlist, rachel you are being too hard on yourself, i mean come on anybody who likes jimmy eat world and a fine frenzy, definitely have goodd taste, other people should take hints from some of the songs you got on your playlist. i cant wait to read your book, congrats on the book release!!!
    ps. if you like a fine frenzy, you should listen to ingrid michaelson song "maybe", shes great too!


  3. Yeah, I singled out Gang of Four, but Rachel has incredible bands on that playlist. I have no idea what she means by "uncool."


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