November 1, 2010

Stonewall Children's and Young Adult Literature Award

I read on Jezebel today that the American Library Association is adding an award to recognize children's and young adult fiction with LGBTQ themes. The Stonewall Awards are not new, but this category is. I'm excited, as I am with most anything that increases visibility. Jezebel also ran a story today on bullying. These types of suicides are not new, and kids who are alienated from their peers need access to novels that can help them realize they aren't alone.

The Vast Fields of Ordinary

The 2010 winner is THE VAST FIELDS OF ORDINARY by Nick Burd, which I recommended here.

I think YA is far better at inclusivity than adult lit, and I hope that trend continues and spreads.


  1. Reading is the most ideal habit of a person... So a adult we should encourage our children's to make the reading habit part of their daily routine in order them to gather knowledge and be able them to expand their intelligence.. We should encourage them to read books for young children as their fundamental source.

  2. This is amazing, thanks for sharing! I still need to read this book...yay for Nick!!!...but I do own it, so I will be reading asap. :)



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