January 13, 2011

Review: Sinful


By Sara Dailey and Staci Weber
Available now from Mundania Press
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The first downside is that SINFUL suffers from the same problem as a lot of small press books. Typos, typos, typos. It grates on my nerves a little every time I notice something wrong which doesn't put mean in a mind to be generous.

And boy, does SINFUL need me to be generous.

The back cover blurb introduces Elizabeth Carrington, who moves to League City, Texas after her mother's death. It also introduces the angel Michael who falls instantly for Elizabeth since she's "so alluring that he can't force himself to resist her." (Elizabeth's reasoning is just as simple but more understandable: he's hot.) The problem with this is that Elizabeth, quite frankly, is an asshole.

She thinks rude things about people who try to be nice to her. She calls other girls bitches and hobags with little provocation. She congratulates herself on quips so clever they leave her opponent speechless, when her opponent is likely just speechless that she said something so mean and crass when they weren't even arguing. No, I don't get why Michael would become human to be with her.

Lyndsee, the head mean girl, almost becomes a sympathetic character. Elizabeth accidentally hits her with a car door and a plate of food once. But then she does those things on purpose. (Assault! How heroic!) Lyndsee also gets dumped. Then her boyfriend sides against her in public (twice) because he thinks the humiliation will do good things for her personality.

Oh, and one of those faux-clever clips is delivered to Lyndsee. Yeah, bulimia jokes are real funny.

Lyndsee's significant other is the hottest boy in school (who still isn't as hot as Michael). In fact, he's so hot that everyone refers to him by his full name. Which makes me wish someone had said something to Dailey and Weber, because I couldn't help but laugh everytime his name was said.

That's right. The hottest guy in school is Jason Alexander.


The best character in the story is Daniel, a slightly unhinged former angel. Unfortunately he doesn't show up all that much. Oh well, I'd've probably found something to dislike if he showed up enough.

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  1. Oh no! Oh no! I requested this for review....I'm cringing at the thought. The things you mention drive me crazy in books. Thanks for the honest review. I appreciate it. :)


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