March 27, 2011

In My Mailbox: Something New

I bought a bunch of books this week and don't want to track them all down. So instead of listing everything, I'm just going to list the book I'm most excited about.

Lost and Found: Three by Shaun Tan (Lost and Found Omnibus)

LOST AND FOUND: Three by Shaun Tan

I received this omnibus through the Amazon Vine program. I'm extra excited about this one since I'm going to North Dakota the first week of April. I'll be able to read it to my niece!

I'll post my review here on Monday.

In other news, I'm extending this contest another week. There were so many entries in the Google form and so few in this one, using the old comment section. Clearly ya'll prefer Google forms. I'll keep that in mind.


  1. I'd never heard of this, but it looks really interesting. I'm adding it to the (ever-growing) tbr now... :)

  2. So jealous! I loved his book, The Arrival. Immensely breathtaking illustrations and story.

  3. Interesting book, I've never heard of it before. Hope you enjoy reading it.


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