March 1, 2012

Follow this Tumblr: Teaching Literacy

I feel like March is going to be a productive month. Maybe that's because I both did yard work today and made dinner. (Bell pepper rellenos, the classic microwave meal.)

I've decided to periodically highlight tumblrs that I love and think you might too. Teaching Literacy posts frequently, so she can clog up your Dashboard. But she'll clog it with such pretty things!

She posts everything from clever bookshelves to paper crafts - all the images a bookworm might want to see.

By Ken Lee 2010

My favorite image she's blogged today is this photograph of the Iwaki Museum of Picture Books for Children in Fukushima, Japan. Tadao Ando designed this private library, but there are days when the doors are opened to tourists. I'd love to see this collection in person.

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