January 17, 2013

Review: Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel

Blue Bloods Graphic novel adaptation of BLUE BLOODS by Melissa de la Cruz
Adapted by Robert Venditti
Art by Alina Urusov
Cover by Fiona Staples (Read my review of SAGA)
Lettering by Chris Dickey
Available now from Hyperion (Disney)
Review copy
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With the release of the final book in the Blue Bloods series, GATES OF PARADISE, it's nice that the graphic novel adaptation of the first book is coming out now.  I read it before GATES OF PARADISE to remind myself where Schuyler Van Alen and her friends started, eight books ago.  I think other fans of the series will also find it a pleasant refresher, although I don't know if they'll continue to read the graphic adaptations.

The story is still good.  Young prep school kids are getting murdered.  Others find out that they're actually vampires-cum-fallen-angels and the killer might be one of their ancient enemies, risen again.  It's not as smooth in comic form.  Robert Venditti chose to preserve the dialogue, but not the narration, and Alina Urusov's art can't convey everything the characters are thinking.  It makes for a brisk but shallow book.  I'd definitely forgotten how much actually happened in the first book.  It's a tad overwhelming when condensed.

The real standout in BLUE BLOODS is Urusov's art.  The characters may not be exactly as I pictured them, but each character design is distinctive and lovely.  The backgrounds are extremely impressive and I liked that the color scheme changed to suit each scene's mood.  Sometimes cover painting can feel like false advertising, but Urusov's work lives up to Fiona Staples' terrific cover.

BLUE BLOODS may appeal to comics fans, but I suspect most of the readers will be fans of the series who are eager to see a new interpretation.  BLUE BLOODS: The Graphic Novel is worth picking up for the novelty, but the original version is better.

Come back later this morning for my review of GATES OF PARADISE.


  1. I recently got a copy of this one and I'm eager to check it out, mainly just for the artwork. I'm not a huge graphic novel fan but like you I look forward to revisiting the characters at the very beginning. Great review!

    1. I'd forgotten how far they've come!

      I hope you enjoy the art.


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