January 30, 2013

Who is Marcus Finch? (Day 7)

The Indigo Spell Yep, they claim to know nothing.  And we can definitely trust the Alchemists, right guys?  Yeah right.  The newest Bloodlines novel by Richelle Mead, THE INDIGO SPELL, comes out on February 12th.  For more information, check out the Facebook page, the book trailer, or this excerpt of the first three chapters of THE INDIGO SPELL.

Earn another entry to win a hardcover copy of THE INDIGO SPELL alone!  How much do you think the Alchemists actually know?

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  1. ugh we knew about this. The phone call that Sydney made. I'm desesperate to know more about Marcus Finch and what the hell is his part in here. Why is he so important? How did he made it out of the alchemists radar? Because he obviously did since he's still alive somewhere out there. I just need some answers. I need to know things. SOON.

  2. Yeah...we shouldn't trust them at all.


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