June 9, 2013

48HBC: Some audio and another book down

Turns out that burning DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE as an mp3 CD was a bad move because my car stereo is too old to read that format.  I did play the audiobook on my computer while unloading, unpacking, and relaxing after the drive.  I listened to the first part, equivalent to 40 pages in the book, for an hour and ten minutes.  It was handy to be able to just listen and have my hands free, but audiobooks are just so slow.

I finished I'M WITH STUPID, adding another hour and 125 pages.  (Hey, I was eating and reading at the same time!  I'm allowed to be a little slow.)

I then wrote my review of I'M WITH STUPID, which only took 15 minutes.  Why can't all my reviews be so easy to write?

My current total is 871 pages, 10 hours and 40 minutes.  Looks like I will be able to hit twelve hours!  I've finished 3.1 books and four reviews.  (I'm counting half of THE SAVAGE BLUE plus two novellas as one book.  There are ten parts to the audiobook of DoSaB and they all look fairly equal, so that's 1/10 of a book.)

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