June 8, 2013

48HBC: Winding down for the day

I'm going to social network a little and maybe read a touch before bed, but this is definitely the last post I'll make today.

Tonight was my niece's dance recital, so I spent a large amount of time getting her ready as well as attending the recital.  I also read to her and my nephew for half an hour, but picture books don't count.

I read part of I'M WITH STUPID by Geoff Herbach for an hour and thirty minutes.  I'm 195 pages in now.  That brings my total up to 626 pages and 7 hours 15 minutes.  At about this time last year I had double the pages.  I'm blaming being distracted.


  1. I hope tomorrow's reading goes well, and that the dance recital was a success!


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