September 14, 2013

A-Z Bookish Survey

This quiz looked like so much fun, I had to try.  I got it from Bookworm1858 and it was created by The Perpetual Page-Turner.

Author you’ve read the most books from:

Probably K.A. Applegate, or someone else who has written a long series.  I don't know for sure.

(According to my very incomplete Goodreads shelf, I've read CLAMP the most.)

Best Sequel Ever:

I think THE KING OF ATTOLIA by Megan Whalen Turner, because a large part of the reason it works is that it is a sequel.

Currently Reading:

ROSE UNDER FIRE by Elizabeth Wein, FURY by Alexander Gordon Smith, THE TIME FETCH by Amy Herrick . . . but it will likely be different by the time this posts!

Drink of Choice While Reading:


E-reader or Physical Book?

Nowadays, my Kindle is getting lots of love.  It's perfect for reading on my lunch break!

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated In High School:

Probably Ash from Sarah Rees Brennan's Lynburn Legacy series.  He's cute, awkward, arty, and desperate to cling to any affection.

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance:

So, so many . . . by which I mean I can't think of a specific answer, but it's happened.

Hidden Gem Book:

THE TRICKSTERS by Margaret Mahy

Important Moment in your Reading Life:

When my third-grade teacher challenged me to read WATERSHIP DOWN by Richard Adams.  That's what really got me reading above my grade level and trying books that sounded strange.

Just Finished:

BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2013 edited by Jeff Smith with series editors Jessica Abel and Matt Madden

Kinds of Books You Won’t Read:

I'll read everything.  But I'm not a big erotica reader and historical fiction has to be fantastic to hook me.

Longest Book You’ve Read:

No idea.  I've read a bunch of epic fantasy tomes that are pretty darn big.

Major book hangover because of:

What's a book hangover?

Number of Bookcases You Own:

I own four actual bookcases and an entertainment center that I use as a bookcase.  My books also occupy space on two of my mom's bookcases and one of my dad's.

One Book You Have Read Multiple Times:

One book?  One?  Let's go with THE CHINA GARDEN by Liz Berry and FIRST TEST by Tamora Pierce, the books that got me through my parents' divorce.

Preferred Place To Read:

My bed, duh.

Quote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you’ve read:

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." -Psalm 46:1

I'm not really a quotes person, but I always remember this verse from childhood.  Does that count as all the feels?

Reading Regret:

Way too many books that I read through to the end instead of giving up.  I have too little time to read to spend it on books I don't like!

Series You Started And Need To Finish (all books are out in series):

I am super guilty of this most of the time.  Let's go with Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Underworld.

Three of your All-Time Favorite Books:

I've already mentioned more than that!  Let's go with THE RAVEN BOYS by Maggie Stiefvater, GOLDEN FOOL by Robin Hobb, and basically everything by Kelly McCullough.

Unapologetic Fangirl For:

Every author I've ever loved?  Look, I am a fangirl and I am never apologetic about it.

Very Excited For This Release More Than All The Others:

The final Lynburn Legacy novel!  Because the cliffhanger to UNTOLD makes the ending of UNSPOKEN look kind.

Worst Bookish Habit:

Buying more books when I have enough books to last me through an apocalypse.

X Marks The Spot: Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book:

Which shelf? Did you forget I have four? Let's go with CAPTAIN BLOOD by Rafael Sabatini.

Your latest book purchase:


ZZZ-snatcher book (last book that kept you up WAY late):

I'm actually really good about going to sleep on time.  I'd have to say FIFTH GRAVE PAST THE LIGHT by Darynda Jones.


  1. Fun "interview"!! I'm pretty unapologetic about my fangirl-ness as well. We own it. :)

  2. Another Megan Whaley Turner fan! All the signs are telling me I have to read it soon. Or else I might lose my YA card.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. Well, the first one is MG . . . but it's a truly great series. I love that it has so many fans online.

  3. My reading regret is the same. Not sure why I find it so difficult to stop reading but I'm just a bit too stubborn (like this week I probably should have stopped reading Engines of the Broken World-instead I spent like 3 days struggling through it while sick.)

    1. I know. Some books I will slog through if it kills me, for no good reason.


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