September 22, 2013

Weekend Cooking: Pamela's Products Sugar Cookie Mix

Sugar Cookie Mix I have meant to participate in Beth Fish's Weekend Cooking for years.  Finally I am remembering on the weekend and writing something.

I love baking and sharing the results with others.  A couple of people in my office are gluten-free, so I wanted to bake something they could enjoy too.  When Pamela's Products Sugar Cookie Mix popped up in the Amazon Vine Last Harvest, I thought it was perfect.  Here I could try gluten-free with training wheels!

First, I gathered my ingredients.  I decided to add gluten-free chocolate chips, one of the suggestions on the back of the back, as well as some sanding sugar.  I also added a small smash of vanilla because I am very fond of vanilla.

I started using a whisk, because the recipe said to use a stand mixer.  But I quickly switched to a wooden spoon because I found it easier to use.  The mixture was obviously too dry, so I added another egg.  Below is a picture of the dough with two eggs.

I then rolled the dough into a log and chilled it.  The bag suggested chilling for 30 minutes to an hour.  I chilled the dough for 45 minutes.  I might've waited longer, but I wanted cookies!

I lined my cookie sheets with parchment paper.  I cut the log into 1/4 inch slices, which resulted in fifteen cookies.  Finally, I baked the cookies for the minimum time listed on the package, because I like my cookies a bit soft.  They came out of the oven looking rather nice.

Unfortunately, they were terrible cookies.  The taste was fine, but the texture was all wrong.  Dry like the Sahara.  My dad agreed that the texture was terrible.  I took some to work and shared them with my boss, who also bakes.  (I didn't inflict them on the rest of the office.)  She thought they were fine, but I'm sure she was just being polite. 

No stars for this mix from me.  I may try gluten-free again, but Pamela's Products Sugar Cookie Mix was most definitely not a success.


  1. Bummer! I haven't played too much with GF baking, but one of my good friends, who loves to bake, realized that she was gluten sensitive a few years ago. When she uses a mix, the brands she likes are King Arthur Flour and Gluten-Free Pantry

  2. Aw, I hate when things just don't turn out! I do love a soft cookie though..mmm.

  3. Thank you for reviewing this product! I was considering these as a sugar cookie for this christmas, but I will continue to look for other options :)


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