January 16, 2014

Interview with Lauren Morrill

Being Sloane Jacobs
Lauren Morrill is the author of MEANT TO BE and BEING SLOANE JACOBS, which came out earlier this month.  BEING SLOANE JACOBS is the tale of two girls who have the same name, but different interests - and who decide to switch lives.  Read on to learn some more about the book and Lauren!


1. I was super excited to read BEING SLOANE JACOBS because I did competitive figure skating as a kid and I still love to watch the sport and read books about it.  (Can't wait for the Winter Games!)  There's quite a bit of detail in the book about the work that goes into being a figure skater and a hockey player.  How did you research the sports?  Anything particularly interesting you couldn't fit into the book?
I watched a lot of figure skating tape on YouTube, paying close attention to the commentators. I also couldn't have done it without Nancy Kerrigan's book Artistry on Ice. It was really helpful in getting all the basics of figure skating down. As for hockey, I talked to a lot of friends who are hockey fans and also hit up a Boston Bruins game.
2.  Speaking of skating, your website mentions (several times) that you play roller derby.  That's obviously super cool.  How did you get into it?
A friend of mine played in the inaugural season of the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls in Bloomington, IN. After cheering her on from the sidelines for a season, I knew I had to get out there. I tried out for the second season, and the rest is history! I played one year in Bloomington, then four years for the Boston Derby Dames. Now that I've moved to Georgia, I've been coaching the Middle Georgia Derby Demons.
3.  What is the best part of working with Lexa Hillyer and Lauren Oliver at Paper Lantern Lit?
I've learned a lot from them over the last couple of years, and I've really been able to grow my writing. Also, the parties are pretty fabulous!
4.  So far you're two for two with books set in foreign countries!  What setting would you like to explore next?
My next book, The Trouble With Destiny (Fall 2015) is set on a cruise ship, so that one's been fun to write! And for the one after that, I'm returning to the good old US of A. It's set in a small southern town that's just been taken over by a movie production. My Unscripted Life  is scheduled for Fall 2016.

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