January 31, 2014

Review: Moonkind

Moonkind Book Three of the Winterling trilogy
By Sarah Prineas
Available now from HarperCollins
Review copy

I loved WINTERLING and SUMMERKIN, the first two books in Sarah Prineas's latest trilogy.  They were fun takes on fae mythology, grounded by a heroine who refused to give up her trust in her friends.  Thus I was ever-so-slightly disappointed by MOONKIND.

Fer, the Lady of the Summerlands, and Rook, a puck, have been uneasy friends for two books.  Mostly because Rook always puts his brothers first.  But Fer's faith has always been rewarded.  Thus it surprised me that once more Fer and Rook's relationship was put to the test -- it felt somewhat repetitive and not entirely true to the characters for me.

But then I fell into the story and fell back in love.  Fer's victory in SUMMERKIN has led to unexpected consequences and it's up to her to make it right.  I really enjoyed the themes of responsibility, friendship, change, and ingenuity.  Fer's humanity helps her shake things up, but the pucks are pretty good at that too.

Thus, the beginning of MOONKIND put me off slightly, but it really is a terrific book and a terrific conclusion to the series.  And as for the friendship being tested again . . . well, the stories have repeatedly emphasized how important it is when things happen thrice.


  1. Sounds like a good trilogy overall. I'm glad this one got better as you went!


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