March 1, 2014

Middle Grade March Kicks Off!

Middle Grade March
I've never participated in Middle Grade March (hosted by Deb Marshall) before, but I think this is a good year to participate!  I've been paying more attention to middle grade between the CYBILs and all, so why not give it a little special attention?

The month is kicking off with a readathon, from now until midnight tomorrow.  I'm busy moving even more of my stuff (I moved on February 15th), but I'm sure I'll read at least one book!

Details available here.

ETA:  I all but finished JINX'S MAGIC.  This weekend got away from me, including attending my nephew's soccer game at which he refused to play.


  1. Thanks for the shout out and happy reading!

  2. I've never officially taken part in any Middle Grade March event except my own, but as I don't have myself together yet, I think I may just participate in Deb's version. It does seem like a good year for MG, doesn't it?


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