March 29, 2014

Two cool Kickstarters

I love going through the projects on Kickstarter.  I don't always find one I want to back, but I always find them interesting.  (Sometimes I find too many to back!)

Here are two that I thought ya'll might find interesting:

Birds of Lace 2014 Letterpress Chapbooks & Broadsides

Birds of Lace is a small publisher featuring women authors, mostly known for their poetry.  I haven't donated myself yet because I don't know what I want.  (Okay, I want the $150 everything pack but I'm gonna be realistic.)  I still have 25 days to make up my mind!  Birds of Lace has been operating since 2005, so it's unlikely they'll be unable to fulfill the rewards.

Dirty Diamonds #5: COMICS

Dirty Diamonds is a series of all-women comic anthologies.  The theme for the latest, biggest issue is comics.  This one particularly caught my eye because it features work by Alison Wilgus.  Plus, the cover is so pretty! There are 20 days to go to back this project.  Since this is the fifth anthology, there is good reason to believe the rewards will be delivered successfully.


  1. I always hear about Kickstarter projects but have never really looked myself...I should.

    1. You should! I haven't backed on where I didn't get my stuff, and I've gotten some awesome things.

  2. Thanks lady, I'm always looking for comics to back on Kickstarter! :)

    1. You're welcome! (Seriously, I have backed so many comics.)


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