February 13, 2010

Review: 101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle

By Dawn Del Russo
Illustrated by Barbara Ann Scarrillo

Book Cover

I get the Bostick Communications e-mails (many bloggers are probably familiar with them), but I usually delete them without reading. However, the title 101 GLAM GIRL WAYS TO AN ULTRA CHIC LIFESTYLE caught my eye, and I opened it up. Dawn Del Russo's online boutique, BellaDawn.com, is cute, so I decided to give the book a chance.

The best part is the charming illustrations of Barbara Ann Scrrillo, the owner of Brushstrokes. They are all in color and all supercute. It makes the book fun to look through, which is useful when some of Del Russo's advice is repetitive or not that insightful.

Tip #34: Send flowers to yourself.

Tip #65: Fresh cut flowers.

Tip #23: Wear deodorant. (Flavor text: Do we even have to give an explanation for this one?)

The redundant and overly simple tips annoy me, because there are some helpful and inventive tips. Del Russo advocates short meditation, which I've always found helpful. (I'm less stressed, my mood is more balanced, and it's absolutely perfect before you go to sleep if you've been having trouble reaching la-la land.) She also points out where it is best to splurge - diamond studs, a nice pair of pumps, a nice black dress, and a watch. Those few designer/expensive pieces can be picked out carefully, and make the rest of your wardrobe look classier. (Plus, as Del Russo advocates, a tailor can also work wonders.)

However, even the good advice seems to breezily presented. The flavor text beneath each illustration offers some insight, but I'm the kind of person who likes to keep asking, "Why?" until I get a really good explanation. I would've preferred a book with fewer tips and more prose illustrating how to integrate the tips into your life, especially if you do need your glam girl lifestyle to be affordable.

My final verdict? 101 GLAM GIRL WAYS TO AN ULTRA CHIC LIFESTYLE is cute and fun to flip through, but it probably won't make a difference to your lifestyle unless you're a total beauty neophyte. The advice is a bit too practical and simplistic.


  1. sorry it wasn't completely great. does sound a bit cute. and yes, I do get those emails a ton!! :)

    Any chance (if you haven't yet) you could check out this post and enter the giveaway? It would mean a TON for my family (full details there):



  2. I've never heard of Bostick - is it something grand and magical I'm missing out on?

  3. It gives out mass e-mails to reviewers. It's mostly self-pubbed stuff, leading to aforementioned deleting without reading. So no, you aren't really missing out.

  4. I have only ever accepted 2 books from Bostick. 1 of them I was thrilled about though, so is it worth it to delete all the junk mail? Jury's out!


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