December 17, 2012

Movie Monday: Lesson Zero

My Little Pony "Lesson Zero" is an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that was packaged with a small Twilight Sparkle my mom bought for my niece.  I think I have now seen the episode ten times.

It's pretty cute - the animation is smooth and colorful.  The moral is delivered clunkily, with the characters actually narrating what they learned, but I'll let it slide because it's a kid's show.  It's the only episode of the show I've seen, but I liked that all the characters had clearly defined personalities.  I can definitely be a bit of a Twilight Sparkle myself.

I don't think I'd watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by myself like a brony, but there are certainly worse things I could watch with my niece.

Do you spend any time with kids?  What shows do you like to watch with them?  (Or movies - I just don't think about the movies much because my niece won't sit through one.  Oddly, my nephew will and he's the younger one.)


  1. I know a brony, actually. Glad it wasn't too of a show to watch with your niece! My niece and nephew are still pretty young in terms of sitting and watching things...but I've always loved Arthur and Winnie-the-Pooh so I'd watch those shows with them.

    1. I've never seen Arthur with them, but they love having me read their Arthur books!

  2. So far we just watch a lot of Dora and Diego but I think my son is almost old enough for the Disney animated movies - I love all of them so am definitely looking forward to starting that phase!

    1. My nephew (2 1/2) will sit through a Disney movie, but my niece (5) just won't.


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