December 8, 2012

Livi's Gift Guide, 2012

Here we go again!  It's not to late to give books as gifts.  Let's start with resources.  Here are my previous gift guides.  MotherReader's 150 Ways to Give a Book is a master class in making books exciting, interesting gifts.  In fact, her list inspired me to give this tip:

Reading in bed is fun, but reading in the bath is luxurious.  Pair a book (or a selection of books) with LUSH's Secret Santa Gift, which includes their Cinders bath bomb and Honey I Washed the Kids soap.  Throw in a donation to a literacy-related charity and a small tub of Charity Pot cocoa butter hand and body lotion wrapped in a Santa's Hat scarf and you've really got a great gift for any reader.  (Please note: I am open to receiving some books and LUSH for the holidays, just so you know.  I need some pampering.)

Now on to the book suggestions!

New York Review Books (NYRB) is having a fantastic holiday sale.  Several great bundles are 40% off and individual books are 25% off.  My top pick for children's books is the Adventurous Tales Collection, featuring THE RESCUERS by Margery Sharp.  My top pick for adults is the Fantasy Novels Collection, featuring THE ADVENTURES OF SINDBAD by Gyula Krúdy.

McSweeney's also has several holiday deals.  Personally, I want the Best of Bundle and the Christmas Morning Stocking Stuffer, which contains a classic mug.  My high-ticket recommendation is the signed copy of David Byrne's HOW MUSIC WORKS.  My review is still to come, but that's because I am lingering over this incredible volume.  It's a must for any music lover in your family - my dad is getting a copy for Christmas.

The Expeditioners My dad isn't the only one getting a McSweeney's volume for the holiday.  My younger cousins are getting S. S. Taylor's THE EXPEDITIONERS AND THE TREASURE OF DROWNED MAN'S CANYON (review coming Tuesday).  This is McSweeney's McMullen's first middle grade novel and it is a handsome volume.  There are 35 illustrations by Katherine Roy, the cover turns into a poster, and it is a little over-sized and just a gorgeous object.  It looks like a gift.  I'm pairing it with THE MARK OF ATHENA, the newest book in the Heroes of Olympus series, because they love Rick Riordan and don't own it yet.

As for other book-related gifts, I am giving the BabyLit version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL to my niece and nephew.  They're a little old for it, but they have a lot of fun with this series - Alison Oliver's art and design is hugely responsible for that.  Expect a review and interview with author Jennifer Adams soon.  You can read my review of earlier books in the series.

Judging a Book by Its Lover For the crazed bibliophiles in you life, I have three top gift recommendations:
I raved about this three in my reviews, but I'm willing to do it again.  These books will remind you of why you love to read.  Absolutely essential.

Now for my top picks from the books I've reviewed this year.

Friends with Boys Contemporary YA:

Unspoken Fantasy YA:

For Darkness Shows the Stars Science Fiction YA:
and one adult novel:
THE CRANES DANCE by Meg Howrey (review)

I wasn't sure whether I should add books I haven't reviewed, but I feel like this list is getting unwieldy.  Just take note that there may be a Part II soon.  This list is also available on Amazon.


  1. The first favorites of the year list I see, yay! I allowed myself to add most of these to my wishlist, looks like you've done some fab reading this year! The gift bundles look great, thankfully my shopping is done so I'm not tempted. Much.

    1. I'm sort of the same - my shopping is almost done, but I still want to buy more for people because I keep finding cool stuff!

  2. So of course I went to the NYRB site--have you read The Midnight Folk (in the Adventuous bundle)? It was a childhood favorite of both my and my husband.

    And I am so behind on my reading--I've only read 3 of the YA ones you recommend sigh sigh.

    Viz shopping early-- one of the problems I have is that those credit card bills are paid off, and come the 23rd of December, it seems like one still has money to spend (which isn't actually true)....and it's so exciting to rush around madly in a store for fifteen minutes or so! (which is about my limit)

    1. I haven't read that one, but assumed it was good because NYRB only publishes fantastic books.

      Well, I'm behind on all the middle grade you've mentioned! So much to read, so little time.

      That's very true! I actually love shopping on Dec 26, when everything goes on sale. (Half-priced Christmas candy! Woo!)

  3. I really want The Books They Gave Me for myself, to be honest. And I love the BabyLit books. I haven't purchased any yet, but I might need to for my niece!


    1. Well, it's a good one to get for yourself too!

  4. Oh, I loved Friends with Boys too :)

    And thanks for the great gift suggestions! :)
    How Music Works sounds amazing, I'll have to add it to my wishlist :)

    1. Yay for another Friends with Boys fan!

      How Music works is amazing.


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