December 5, 2012

Review: The Golden Twine

The Golden Twine Book One of Cat's Cradle
By Jo Rioux
Available now from Kids Can Press
Review copy

Jo Rioux's debut graphic novel is a treat for fans of fairytale-inspired fantasy.  Suri wants to be a monster tamer, but currently she's just a girl tagging after a caravan.  But that's about to change when she encounters some actual monsters and unknowingly acquires a powerful artifact that a caitsith wants back.

I liked Rioux's art.  Her characters seem slightly manga-influenced and will probably appeal to a wide range of ages.  And the colors are quite lovely.  They're soft and subtle, but there's lots of illumination to brighten parts of the panels and add interest.  At first I thought the colors might be too subtle for younger readers, but I think they fit the mood of the story.

And the story is fun, albeit somewhat familiar.  Suri is determined and eager to prove herself, but totally green.  In one hilarious scene, she talks to someone about being a monster tamer while not realizing that her companion is a monster in disguise and panicking.  Unfortunately for Suri, she picks up some golden twine during that interlude that means her next encounter with the boy will be less friendly.

THE GOLDEN TWINE is a cute story about a girl who wants adventure and what happens when she finds it.  The ending is a cliffhanger - fairly typical for graphic series - and I definitely want to know what happens next.  I've read stories similar to THE GOLDEN TWINE, but it uses tropes I like and Rioux's art gives it a nice personality.

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