December 24, 2012

Movie Monday: The Sound of Music

Sound of Music I love when they broadcast The Sound of Music in December.  Many people have nostalgic memories of It's a Wonderful Life, but in my family it is all about The Sound of Music.

My sister and I originally loved it because of the songs.  And, when I was a kid, it was all about Liesl.  Forget the romance of Maria and Captain von Trapp, forget the Nazis: Liesl.  I think I just loved her dance in the gazebo with Rolf.  My love of that scene faded a little once I was old enough to understand the Nazi parts.  (I'd embed the scene but it appears it isn't on YouTube.)

This year I mostly missed it because I had other things to do (involving sick children and the world's nastiest diaper), but I did get to see the very ending.  It warms my heart to see the nuns vandalize the cars, year after year.

Do you watch The Sound of Music?  What's your favorite part?  Or what's your favorite bit of holiday programming that floods the airwaves?  (Hate it all?)


  1. I caught a little bit of this last night, (after finishing It's a Wonderful Life, which of course made me bawl) "The Lonely Goatherd" scene, and it did make me happy :) I was also a Liesl fan as a kid-loved her swirly dress!

    1. That is a great scene! I love any of the songs with the kids the most.

      Her swirly dress was the best!

  2. I haven't seen this one in a long time, but I do like the music. It's a bit long for me to really sit down and watch it. Though I am a huge musical fan in general.

    I don't think I really watch anything each holiday season; like a set film or whatever.


    1. Eh, I don't mind long movies. Although sometimes I do stop at the wedding scene because it is a great break point.


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