December 16, 2012

Review: Into the Woods

Into the Woods Book One of Bigfoot Boy
By J. Torres
Art by Faith Erin Hicks
Available now from Kids Can Press
Review Copy

When Rufus goes into the woods by his grandmother's house, he discovers a totem.  Now when he says the word "Sasquatch" he turns into . . . a Sasquatch!  But the wolves in the woods want the totem and kidnap his friend Penny to force him into giving it up. 

IN THE WOODS isn't long, but it still manages to deliver a good story.  The developing friendship between Rufus and Penny is well done, and I liked that there wasn't any drama about Rufus trying to hide his powers.  There's only hilarity as he ends up without his clothes and needed to borrow a sheet from Penny's clothesline as he ends up naked after transforming back.  (Rufus mind end up going through a lot of clothes over the course of the Bigfoot Boy series.)

I liked Faith Erin Hicks' art in FRIENDS WITH BOYS and I like it in IN THE WOODS too.  Her characters are quite expressive.  Unlike FRIENDS WITH BOYS, the art in IN THE WOODS is in full color, which suits the age group.  She also gets a chance to show off some action chops as Rufus faces off with the wolves.

This fun story will appeal to kids who like stories of friendship and magic.  It has something of a folklore atmosphere, but INTO THE WOODS isn't based on any legend I know.  Definitely a good choice for young fans of graphic novels.  Here's to more adventures featuring Rufus and Penny!


  1. Sounds like a cute read! I'd be curious to see Faith Erin Hicks' artwork in color!


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