June 13, 2014

Review: Hexed

Hexed By Michelle Krys
Available now from Delacorte Press (Penguin Random House)
Review copy

HEXED owes a strong debt to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but fortunately stands on its own. Indigo Blackwood sees a man die, then two very creepy men come to interrogate her about what she witnessed.  It all leads to an important family heirloom being stolen and Indigo discovering that she's a witch.

Indie shows great courage in tough situations, which really endeared her to me.  She's determined to help people, but unable to do anything effective until she's trained in how to use her abilities.  The other characters ranged in interest for me. 

I liked Paige, the hanger on who turns out to be there for Indie in a way her other friends aren't, but she disappeared for long stretches of the book.  (Until the cliffhanger ending, I totally forgot about Paige.)  Bishop is the bad boy in leather who Indie of course falls for.  I am still boggling at a romantic hero with a naked Betty Boop tattooed on his neck.  Just what.  (I hope I am not spoiling anything for anyone by mentioning that Indie insists that he cover it up, thank goodness.)  Indie and Bishop do have a nice amount of snarky, belligerent chemistry.

The bad guys, sorcerers who want to kill witches, are quite threatening.  These are not villains who just stand around posturing.  Indie is very lucky that they want her alive to break a spell on the heirloom.  Those around her are not always so lucky.

HEXED is an entertaining debut for fans of witches and stories with lots of action.  It's nothing too original or exciting, but it's not totally paint by numbers either.  There is a complete story here, but be warned that there is a sudden cliffhanger ending that sets up a sequel.  I must admit, I wasn't a big fan of that hook.  I might read the second book, I might not.


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