January 9, 2010

A Rant

I feel bad about writing bad reviews. I want to like the books I read. I want to share a love of books. I have no desire to say anything bad about an author, and saying something bad about someone's books often feels personal. I still wrote a review of FALLEN, which I thought was execrable.

(Here's the review in a nutshell: The characters show no signs of human emotion and the plot is lame.)

It led to this comment:

this review is terible, you simply tell us the whole story, no one needs to buy it now but you are also only telling the bads parts just because you personally think that it should have different parts. everyon would rewrite it differently but sorry to say you aren't the author, i found the fact tht he loves her so much to try and save her by staying away romantic. Otherwise he would simply go and kill her everytime and to the untrained eye like yours i believe yes it appears that Cam is a good guy but i saw it from the start which made me want to keep reading.

Thank you for explaining why you think my review is terrible. Next time sign with a name and use proper grammar. I happen to disagree with you, and I've responded why in the comments.

But here's why I'm posting this. It isn't to mock you. Maybe I'm being silly, but I felt offended when you said "an untrained eye like yours."

I am a student in one of the most prestigious honors programs at one of the most respected public universities in the United States. I will graduate a semester early, in December 2009, with a double major. I've received various accolades of merit, every single year.

One of my majors is English. I study literature. I am trained in critical analysis. And I am very, very good at what I do.

We differ in our opinions of Lauren Kate's FALLEN. That does not mean my eye is untrained.


  1. Anonymous commenters who say negative things--you totally suck, do you know that? If you've got something to say, do it politely using your own goddamn name.


  2. I do hate writing bad reviews but I do make it my policy to review pretty much all the novels I've read.

    I think however people should not feel offended by the reviews they read because it is the reviewer's opinion. I got a couple of Anonymous comments where people didn't like my reviews but I didn't force them to read it in the first place. I simply stated my stand on the novel, not telling the world to agree with me.

    People should understand others have opinions as they do too.

  3. It sucks that you were bashed for giving your opinion. Also, bashed by such horrible grammar and spelling. Ugh. Don't let this get to you, just keep doing what you do. :)

  4. I think it's ironic that she'll say you have an untrained eye, when someone who does have a "trained" eye would know how to spell and use grammer properly. (I probably have misspelling and improper grammer in this comment)

  5. I just had one such anonymous commenter on one of my reviews last night. They never leave a name, they never use proper grammar and they ALWAYS criticize. I snark back. I shouldn't, but I do. What's funny is that this commenter asked, "What do you read? The Clique series?" Just goes to show how astute these guys really are. I wouldn't let it bother you, I really wouldn't.

    You're going to get them. They just can't grasp the concept that people are going to have opinions different from theirs so they do the only thing they know how to do - lash out anonymously. ParentFail if I ever saw it.

  6. The quality (or lack thereof) of that comment is enough to make me not take it seriously. Bad reviews are difficult enough, and I often wonder if I should post one when I dislike a book. But to get a comment written so poorly, I wouldn't take it with more than a grain of salt. Good heavens.

    What is this grammar you speak of? They obviously aren't teaching such things in schools if what I am seeing on the internet so often these days is the truth. ;)

  7. PS - there is a naked man in your header image. Tsk. Improper! ;)


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  9. Hooray for feisty bloggers. I discovered your site through Bloggiesta, and I love it. I haven't read Fallen yet, but I've read enough negative reviews to have it pretty far down my review pile. I wrote an extremely negative review last year, and it got more positive feedback than any other review I've written. Happy reading!

  10. Bad reviews are part of the process. Nobody loves everything. In fact, I am skeptical about a reviewer who absolutely gushes love and praise about everything.

    And I do agree with you that a reader of a review has a right to disagree with the opinion of the reviewer. However, just because I may disagree with someone does not give me the right to personally bash that person, especially by making blanket judgments and baseless accusations.

    I've only been really bashed for one review. The review itself was fairly complimentary. But I did include a sentence commenting on the talent of the secondary actors versus the lead actors (it was a review of a play). I was raked over the coals by the mother of the lead performer who felt I had done her daughter an injustice by presenting my opinion and comparing her to a fellow actor.

    By all means, keep doing what you're doing. You do it well.

    People often take offense where none is offended, especially when it involves less than praiseworthy comments about something they find wonderful.

  11. Thanks to those of ya'll who kept this nice.

    @PrudishCat: You wouldn't believe the number of people whom I asked if the man was appropriate before I made it live. All of the important naked man parts are covered. ^_^

    @nomadreader: Sorry you came on such a nonpositive day, but I'm glad you like the site! I'll be sure to check your blog out.

    @Okie: Thanks, and I'm sorry that happened to you - mothers are never objective when it comes to their children.

  12. Never read this and don't own it so I probably won't ever get to it...but it sounds like it's not that worth reading anyway. I love all reviews. Not everyone will like something, but someone else might. You are great, so just do your thing!!



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