January 6, 2010

"Waiting on" Wednesday: A Conspiracy of Kings

Book Cover

Megan Whalen Turner's new book is coming out 23 March 2010. Any of ya'll are welcome to send it to me as a birthday present. I just can't believed that I've missed that it's coming out 'til now.

For those of you who haven't read the series, I highly recommend starting with THE THIEF. It'll still be good if you know how it ends (due to reading the other books), but you won't get the full force of the twist. Don't read the backs of the other books, as the blurbs contain spoilers.

Or, as the author herself puts it:

Many people have read them and enjoyed them entirely out of order. However, reviews and even the jacket copy for later books, will reveal major plot points for earlier books.

I'd like to think that finding out major plot points ahead of time won't ruin The Thief, but it will certainly change the experience.

On the other hand, I think The Thief spoils The King of Attolia. So there are pluses and minuses to any order you choose.

But whether you're smart enough to read the books for yourself or not . . .



  1. ahhhhhh Megan Whalen Turner......need I say more :-p

  2. The wait between her books is worth it. She always comes up with a new way to tell the story, fitting the narration to each novel.

    And I love the cover too Beth! The horse! Sophos! The dark, rich colors! The lean and look, the urgency! Just looking at it makes me happy. I forget how much I love this series, then something comes along to remind me.


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