April 2, 2012

Movie Monday: Watching Movies with Your Parents

I was going to write about The Hunger Games or 21 Jump Street, but my upcoming trip to North Dakota for my nephew's birthday changed my mind. My sister, brother-in-law, or I almost always end up renting a movie or two. Then we watch it altogether, including my mom. This has led to some awkward moments.

For instance, I once championed Tropic Thunder. "It's really funny!" said I. "I don't know why it's rated R. It didn't have sex and I don't think there was that much language." Cue Ben Stiller licking blood from a decapitated head. Cue Tom Cruise's cameo. And no, none of it was that objectionable. But I still felt strange because my mom knew I thought this movie was hilarious. My mom is supposed to think I find kitten videos hilarious, not R-rated comedies.

And I always cringe at watching sex scenes with my parents, but I usually cringe at those on my own. Sex scenes are tough.

Now, some people think I'm silly about this and others agree with me completely. (A roommate and I, separately, watched Black Swan with a parent. You can at least agree that that would be a little nervous-making, right?) What sort of things do you avoid watching with your 'rents? Or do you just not care?

For the parents in the audience: what do you want to avoiding watching with your children?

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  1. My parents - my PARENTS - recommended "Breaking Bad" to me. The show about a chemistry teacher with lung cancer who becomes a meth cook and dealer? Dark, gritty? Yep. They love it, absolutely love it. (Now I do too but that's beside the point.) They surprise me sometimes.


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