April 24, 2012

The Story Siren

Yesterday, I read the Smart Bitches Trashy Books post revealing that The Story Siren (Kristi) had plagiarized from two fashion bloggers, Grit & Glamour and Beautifully Invisible. I was shocked and disappointed. I did make a brief post on my Tumblr, but I wanted to wait to post here until more of the story came to light. Kristi made an apology and today, she has made a more thought-out apology clarifying her original one.

I believe that Kristi is truly sorry and never meant to hurt the community or the bloggers she stole from. But she has.

I can't tell you I'm never going to read The Story Siren again. I think she's done wonderful things with her work, from supporting debut authors to helping sick children. She's always been someone I admire, and everyone should have a second chance.

However, I cannot in good conscience leave a link to her blog in my sidebar. I am not condemning bloggers who choose to leave a link to The Story Siren on their sites. That is their choice, and this is mine.

I wish Kristi the best of luck in her future endeavors.


  1. Bravo. THAT is what is called a gracious response.

  2. Ah, that's what that apology was for. I saw it on her site but had no idea. Thanks for the follow-up!

  3. Since I know not everyone keeps up with the latest YA blogosphere news - I'm behind plenty - I felt it necessary to give some background so that people would understand why I felt the need to write a post.


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