July 10, 2013

Introducing Emblazon!

There's a new site for tween readers opening today called Emblazon.  I haven't read any of their books, but I'm always up for programs geared toward exciting kids about reading.  Plus, a number of their books will be made available for free on August 1st for a Sizzling Freebies bash!  Some are free now.

From the introductory email:

Emblazon is a blog written by a collection of indie and traditionally published authors who care about producing high quality stories for kids. We have a particular focus on ages 11 to 14. We call them Tweens. The purpose of Emblazon is to celebrate tween literature. We want to draw attention to this fabulous genre, interact with other enthusiasts whether child or adult, and encourage new writers.

We hope you’ll join us in kick-starting this fabulous new adventure!

Disclosure: This post enters me for a $100 Amazon GC giveaway.

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