July 9, 2013

Review: Saga, Vol. 2

Saga 2 Issues #7-12 of Saga
By Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples (Artist)
Available now from Image Comics
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Read my review of Vol. 1

SAGA, Vol. 2 continues the tale of Alana and Marko, lovers from opposite sides of an intergalactic war, as told by their daughter Hazel.  Vol. 1 ended with the cliffhanger of Marko's parents showing up armed for bear.

This really is one of the best current serialized comics.  Brian K. Vaughn's storytelling is at its best.  It's compulsively readable, with little hooks at the end of each issue and a big hook at the end of every volume.  It's complex, with a variety of fascinating settings and characters.  There's a lot of worldbuilding and character building going on.  Even the most villainous villain, the robot prince, has a family he wants to go home to.

Vol. 2 goes deeper into how Alana and Marko first met, and how they came to be so careless as to have a child while on the run from two armies.  I liked the role that a romance novel played in their courtship.  Books, even the most ephemeral ones,  affect the way we see our world and the people in it.  A modern beauty and the beast tale opened Alana up to the idea that Marko might not be so bad, despite having horns and lacking wings.  It also introduces Marko's erstwhile fiance, who is not happy he ran off with another woman - even worse, an enemy.

Then there's Fiona Staples' art, which is lush and gorgeous.  Her colors are bright, her lines clean, and the action fluid.  It's not as stylized as David Aja's art for HAWKEYE, the other title that's a possible contender for best current serialized comic.  But I think that's just fine.  Each of their art is perfectly suited for the title they're working on.  I can't imagine SAGA's words going with anyone else's art.

SAGA is a title for mature readers.  In this volume alone there is lots of violence (some of it against innocents) and nudity (possibly the only title I've ever read with more full frontal guys than women).  But I recommend it to anyone who is mature enough to handle it.  It has action, adventure, romance, philosophy, joy, despair.  Bring on Vol. 3!


  1. Sounds like a fascinating comic series. I like that it has great character development and that even the villains aren't ALL bad.

    1. He's still pretty darn bad. ^_^ It's great.


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