July 26, 2013

Review: Siege and Storm

Siege and Storm Book Two of the Grisha Trilogy
By Leigh Bardugo
Available now from Henry Holt BFYR (Macmillan)
Review copy
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Leigh Bardugo's debut SHADOW AND BONE made a big splash.  The sequel, SIEGE AND STORM, had a lot to live up to.  And it did.  In my opinion, SIEGE AND STORM is even better than its predecessor.

Alina and Mal escaped Ravka.  It came at a cost, however.  And now, if Alina uses her power, they might be found.  But not using her power is making her sick.  Unfortunately, the two cannot hide forever.  Alina and  Mal must use all their wit and skill if they want to survive and stay together.

The new additions to SIEGE AND STORM were wonderful.  Sturmhond is my favorite type of character - changeable, enigmatic, and too clever by half.  The twins are bloodthirsty delights.  But I love even more that all the old characters are back, although I hate when bad things happen to them.  Bardugo has the trick of making me care for characters who don't even show up that often.  I also liked that Alina's past in cartography is remembered and important.

Those who are fans of the Darkling will find plenty of scenes to read and re-read.  I prefer Mal (and Sturmhond, obvs), and there's definitely lots of drama and romance on that front.  Although Alina and Mal grew up together, she's perceived as more high class now.  It causes difficulties for them, as does Alina's rise in power - and her development of a lust for power.

The only thing I'm unhappy about is that I don't have the final book of the trilogy right now.  I cannot wait to find out how it all ends.  I'll just keep my fingers crossed for my favorites until next year and hope that Bardugo doesn't torture her loyal readers too much.


  1. I'm so horrible, I'm a Darkling girl through and through. :-) But I did love Sturmhound in this book, so perhaps there's hope for me still! So glad you enjoyed this more than the first one. I think I might have enjoyed the first one slightly more myself, if only because there was way more quality time with the Darkling. Awesome review!

    1. I actually don't get why I'm not big on the Darkling, because sexually alluring villains are like my thing. There my thing that I had before I knew I had a thing! But the Darkling just doesn't do it for me which . . . I dunno.

      But Sturmhond is pragmatic and a liar and too charming by half which is also my thing and I adore him in his ruthless glory.

      And of course, guys or no guys Alina is pretty cool.

  2. OMG I love these books so much! Strumhond is amazing! And I really love the Darkling too though I still feel Mal is her one and only for a true love interest, I think. We'll see! 2014 feels like a lifetime away. :)

    1. I can't wait to see how all the things play out.

  3. Yay, it's great to hear that you loved it even more than the first. That's rare! I really want to read these books!!

  4. I loved meeting Sturmhond as well though I felt like we missed out on more of the Darkling because of it. His dark charisma balances out the lightness of Sturmhond.

    1. This book was light on Darkling, but I like that Bardugo doesn't overuse him.


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