May 27, 2009

Book Review Policy Update, Summer 2009

*updated from 3/31/09*

I've told many people this already, but I wanted to announce it on the blog as well: if your address for me says I live at BLD #126, then it is no longer valid. That is my campus addres and I will not be returning to the same location next August. I do not yet have the address for my apartment. If you need it, please contact me for my permanent address. (Need to know if you have the correct address? It should say I like at Birch.)

I will be in England from 11 July - 15 August. I am not sure yet how this will affect my acceptance of review copies. Likely I won't accept any until a couple of weeks before I'm due to return to the US.

Because of this trip, my theme from June to August will be England, specifically Shakespeare and Jane Austen. (I am going to study them, not for fun. Not that I don't plan to have fun.) If you're an author or publicist representing a book set in England or relation to Austen and/or Shakespeare, I'd love to hear from you. (The Matter of Britain counts too, since I am an Arthur fangirl.) I already have many books scheduled for the theme, but I am still looking to add in more. On the other hand, I'll probably be turning more book requests away. This is more because I'm receiving more requests than because I plan to review less.

I will update my policy again in the fall or if anything changes.

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