May 7, 2009

Books Read in 2009 (Week Eighteen)

I really hope I'm not forgetting one. I bought a ton of books last week but haven't read them yet.

Week Eighteen

Book Cover

Skip Beat (vols 14-20) by Nakamura Yoshiki (read in store and online)

I can't believe I fell so far behind on this series. The art has some problems (small heads), but it's an excellent, funny story. SKIP BEAT is not typical shojo. Most feminists would find Kyoko, Moko, and the other girls reasonable role models.


  1. Nope - the one on the right, the redhead, is female. She just has short hair. And regularly kicks butt through being made of sheer awesome.

  2. I've been debating about picking this up. I can't get myself to be okay with the protagonist's character design. o-o I think it's the hair...

  3. Just read it. Believe me, you'll get hooked and you'll no longer care what Kyoko looks like. You can also watch th eanime, which is how a lot of people who are bothered by the art get into it.


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