May 19, 2009

Books of Summer: 1/7

I came up with something to do: seven books of summer. These are books for summer, about people doing summery things, and convenient for summer.

Choice number one?

DEATH BY DENIM by Linda Gerber

Book Cover

Okay, so you should read DEATH BY BIKINI and DEATH BY LATTE first. It is a mystery series and this is the one that reveals the Mole's identity. In Paris!

But seriously, this series is cheap and pocket-sized. You can toss all three in most purses and have something to read in the bus/car/plane. And believe me, these books will make the trip far more exciting. (Especially if you're driving through Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. If you live in those states, please tell me what you do for fun.)

Back to the book: Aphra and her mom have escaped to France, but they're about to be separated after an unexpected death. And it seems that her path is about to cross Seth's again . . . perhaps my favorite touch was the return of a character from DEATH BY LATTE. I liked him in his brief previous appearance and really worried when he got hurt since he didn't have main character immunity.

Linda Gerber answers many questions in the third DEATH BY . . . novel, though I hold out hope the series will one day be continued. But with all the murders, spies, and explosions of DEATH BY DENIM, you'll definitely be distracted from the more boring parts of summer.

And if you finish the book before you reach your destination, you can play with the cover cutout.


  1. Sounds fun! I will have to check it out.

  2. Great choice. I cant wait to see the rest! : D

  3. Hey, there's plenty of stuff to do in Kansas. The town I live in? It has *two* Wal*Marts. What more do you need?

    More seriously, though, this book looks interesting.


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