February 3, 2012

Capitol Colours Swatches

I'll admit it: I wasn't all that excited when I first saw the promo material about China Glaze's Capitol Colours collection, made in conjunction with Lionsgate for the release of the Hunger Games movie.  China Glaze has never been my favorite polish brand and most of the colors looked like duds to me.  (What can I say, I'm picky.)

Just try to tell me that most of the colors don't look dull in that image.  But my favorite polish blogger All Lacquered Up just released her swatches, and some of them have me singing a different tune.  Mahogany Magic is still awful, but Stone Cold's matte finish is a great effect for a hard-edged manicure or pedicure.  Luxe and Lush, however, tops my want list.  I can never resist the shiny.

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