February 22, 2012

Review: A Million Suns

Book CoverAcross the Universe Trilogy (Book 2)
By Beth Revis
Available now from Penguin Razorbill
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Beth Revis, above all else, knows how to write an ending. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and A MILLION SUNS both ended with bangs, rather than whimpers. I do not want to wait for January 2013 to read SHADES OF EARTH. I want to know now what happens to Amy, Elder, and the remaining people of the Godspeed.

The events of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE changed everything for the Godspeed. People are scared and angry and productivity is in shambles, leading to a decline in food supply. Elder needs to step up his game if he's going to keep things safe and orderly. Unfortunately, there seems to be someone with a vested interest in causing chaos.

Meanwhile, messages have been left throughout the ship for Amy. These messages reveal even more of the lies that were accepted as truth as the generations went on. Amy tries to entreat Elder to help, but he's torn between her needs and the needs of the ship. She must also find a way to protect herself from the predatory Luther.

A MILLION SUNS is the Aliens to ACROSS THE UNIVERSE's Alien. Instead of creepiness, it is filled with action. Riots, renegades, revolution, oh my. Unlike the Godspeed, A MILLION SUNS is a terrific ride that rarely slows down.

Revis is unlikely to lose any fans with A MILLION SUNS and sure to gain new ones. Those who are tired of instalove plots will enjoy the ups and downs of Amy and Elder's relationship. Just because they're the only teenagers around doesn't mean they have to be together. (Although it does make an instant connection more plausible.)

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