February 11, 2012

Pinterest: Literary Gifts

I am not meant to be a Twitter-er.  It's just not my thing, even though I try.  I have discovered that I adore Tumblr, but Tumblr is a subject for another day.  I think Pinterest might be my thing too.  When I was attempting to explore Twitter the other night, I discovered that Random House has been doing something totally awesome on Pinterest: keeping track of literary gifts.

Doesn't Random House know I'm mostly* unemployed? I can't take this temptation!

*I'm currently doing freelance editing for a small press. Still looking for a full-time job.


  1. I've never been interested in Twitter and am not very familiar with Tumblr but I have recently discovered Pinterest. I love it! I don't have a page of my own but I could spend hours looking at all the things other people have posted. I've tried a few ideas from there already!

  2. Tumblr is fantastic - it's full of gifs, writing, art, commentary about anything - it's sort of like crossing blogs with Pinterest.


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