June 24, 2012

First Book

First Book bridges publishers and communities in order to provide children with their first books.  Recently, they distributed 1.2 million books in ten days.  If you're an educator or program admin, you may be eligible for free books.  You can get involved through donations, volunteering, and fundraising.  Or you could shop at these partners to support First Book.

As for all the authors reading this, here's the special ways you can help.

First Book has a four-star rating from Charity Navigator.


  1. I do love FIRST BOOK. I've had a chance to work with them and with Kyle, the president, and it's entirely worthwhile. Great blog post (as always!).

    1. I've donated to First Book a couple of times. I'm glad to hear it's a great organization to work with first hand.

  2. Thanks for helping spread the word! Our biggest supporters are always readers.

    We do need donations, so thanks to everyone who has, and continues to, support our work that way. But we also need volunteers, committed partners, and people to help us get the word out. In fact, one of the best things you can do is to get in touch with someone you know who works with kids from low-income families and let them know about First Book. We have books for their kids!


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