June 25, 2012

Movie Monday: Miss Nobody

Book Cover My dad pays for satellite television and has most of the movie channels.  That means that when I visit him we watch a lot of movies together.  The best is finding weird little movies you never would've seen if you weren't bored and channel surfing.  (See: Drones.)  A semi-recent find was the black comedy Miss Nobody starring Leslie Bibb (Popular).

In case my past Movie Mondays haven't given it away yet, I love black comedy.

Leslie Bibb plays Sarah Jane McKinney, a paper-pushing secretary with a terrible haircut.  When she accidentally kills her boss (Brandon Routh), she finds herself zooming up the corporate ladder.  But if she wants to stay on top she's going to have to kill again.  And again.

Despite the premise, Miss Nobody is a frothy confection of a film.  Rarely has murder seemed so light-hearted.  There are a few sequences that veer into satire, but those bits remain quick and shallow.  While I say this, I must admit that there is a delightfully nasty twist at the end. 

Many parts of Miss Nobody are predictable.  Of course there's a cop boarding in Sarah Jane's house.  Of course they fall in love.  Of course he's assigned the case.  Of course someone knows what Sarah Jane did.  Of course the person tormenting her is pretty obvious.  But Miss Nobody doesn't really intend to surprise you.  It just wants you to laugh.  And I did.

The casting is terrific.  I'm always happy to see Missi Pyle (Josie and the Pussycats) and a little bit of Vivica A. Fox (Ugly Betty) never goes amiss.  Bibb may be a blonde bombshell, but she plays mousy and browbeaten pretty well.  It's entertaining to see her body language change as she grows more confident through romance and murder.

I don't think I'm going to go out a buy a copy of Miss Nobody, but I enjoyed finding and watching it.

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