June 7, 2012

Reminder: 48 Hour Book Challenge

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Seventh Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge hosted by MotherReader.  This is my first year to participate and I'm quite excited!  The FAQ is here and the rules/sign-up can be found here.

For the first time, the challenge is officially supporting a charity.  In this case it is the Book People Unite campaign.  I, and other participants, will donate directly to Reading is Fundamental (rated three stars by Charity Navigator).  As I am rather broke I am only pledging a quarter per hour read.

I am planning to finish some books I've started, and then I'll probably alternate between new and old ARCs.  Some reviews will be posted immediately, some will be scheduled for future dates.  I will likely post small updates on my Tumblr throughout the weekend.  Participants are allowed one hour of social networking per five hours of reading.  I'll be sure to use that time to see what everyone is reading!

It's not too late to sign-up.  Let's read all weekend and raise some money for literacy!  Stay tuned tomorrow for my beginning post.

(Note: I will not be skipping sleep.  You wouldn't like me when I'm tired.)

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