June 8, 2012

Seventh Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge Start Post

Here it is!  For the first time I'm participating in MotherReader's 48 Hour Book Challenge.  I'm pledging a quarter and hour and hope to raise a full $12!  I'm showered, I'm fed, I've played with my dog so he should let me read in peace.

I am starting with AMPED by Daniel H. Wilson.  Mostly because I'm already on page 155 and I want to finish the book.  Stay tuned for reviews of books I finish here and updates on my Tumblr.

Hello to participants stopping by my blog, and good luck.

Update 1

I see people are putting updates on their starting posts as they read!  (Maybe I should've done some social time earlier.)

I have finished:
for a total of 1,275 pages and 4.5 books in 7 hours and 7 minutes.  With blogging, I'm at 9 hours and 43 minutes.  I have now spent 43 minutes being social, for a total of 10 hours and 26 minutes.

I am now going to start reading THE CRANES DANCE by Meg Howrey.

Update 2

I have now finished and reviewed THE CRANES DANCE.  I spent 3 hours and 2 minutes reading it, bringing my time total to 13 hours and 28 minutes.  My page total is 1,648 and my book total is 5.5.  Add in my blogging time and I'm at 14 hours and 7 minutes.  I think I'm going to try to read and review one more book before bed.  We'll see how I do!

Update 3

I read CAPTURE THE FLAG by Kate Messner in 54 minutes, bringing my totals to 1,879 pages, 6.5 books, and 15 hours and 1 minute.  I spent six minutes writing a review before deciding I should wait until after I slept.  (Although adding up in the morning, I should have 15 hours and 19 minutes. I missed 13 somewhere last night.)  Several hours of sleep later, I finished the review and scheduled it for July 1st.  My total time is now 15 hours and 48 minutes.

Update 4

I have finished two books in the Chronicles of Nick series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  My INFAMOUS review will appear later on TGTBTU and here is INVINCIBLE.  I also started my audiobook, which is a collection of short stories.  I listened to 20 minutes of "Ten Carats of Lead" by Stewart Sterling and narrated by Alan Skiar.  I plan to listen to more late tonight.  That reading time brings me up to 19 hours and 44 minutes.  I have now read 8.5 books and 2,767 pages.

I took 34 minutes to network earlier today, bringing my time up to 20 hours and 18 minutes.  Adding in my blogging time during this period, I'm at 21 hours and 17 minutes.  Shouldn't be hard to hit 24 hours, but I doubt I'll hit 36 like I wanted to.  On to the next book!

Update 5

I've finished two more books and added two reviews: STEALING KEVIN'S HEART and THE FLAME OF OLYMPUS.  There was a long break during this period while I ran errands and ate dinner.  Adding in my reading time brings me to 23 hours and 53 minutes.  I've finished 10.5 books for a total of 3,387 pages.  Time spent writing those two reviews brings me to 24 hours and 46 minutes.

I spent 34 minutes social networking, which how do I spend the exact same time social networking twice in a row?  It's totally random.  With that, and the time spent writing this quick update, I'm at 25 hours and 25 minutes.  I'd need 10 hours and 35 minutes to hit my goal of 36 hours.  Given that my time is up at 10:45 AM tomorrow morning I can do it - if I stay up the entire night and take absolutely no breaks.  Given my need for sleep, that's a no go.  I'll try to read as much as possible to increase my donation.

I'm going to shift gears with a nonfiction book, PEOPLE WHO EAT DARKNESS by Richard Lloyd Parry.  (Now: 25 hours and 28 minutes.)


  1. My dog thinks this is great because she sits next to me and rubbing her tummy does not interfere with my reading! She's older, so tummy rubs are her answer to playing. Hope the reading goes well!

    1. My dog gets petted while I'm reading, but that's not enough for him. He is currently sleeping, but an hour ago he was quite put out with me.

  2. Hope you enjoy your first year participating...this will be my third. Have a great time reading and stop by Stiletto Storytime and say hello if you get a chance!

    Stiletto Storytime

  3. Wow - great work! Last year was my first time doing the challenge and it was so much fun I'm doing it again this year!

    1. Thank you. I'm definitely having enough fun to do it again.

  4. I have heard great things about The Cranes Dance and wanted it for this weekend, but I couldn't find a copy. I will read your review after I read the book.

    You are doing a phenomenal job! This is my first year doing the challenge as well. So far, so good!

    Keep up the good work and happy reading :)

    1. I hope you find a copy soon. It is so good.

      Thank you!

  5. Wow...the amount of reading you've gotten done is impressive!! That is awesome!

    1. Thank you! It's nice to have a reason to just sit and *read*.

  6. You are an exceptionally fast reader! Wow.
    Good luck! Keep up the momentum.

    1. I've always been pretty fast. I feel like I've gotten slower with age.


  7. You are flying through those books! Great job!

    1. Thanks. And thanks for hosting the challenge!

  8. What a great job you are doing, wow! I have not been able to participate the last couple of years and have missed it...having fun this year with it. All the best to you and Book People Unite!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you're having fun this year.

      Reading for a cause is very motivating.


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