June 10, 2012

Vote for Lady Godiva!

You've probably heard of GODIVA chocolates.  You've probably even heard of the legend they take their name from - Lady Godiva riding through the streets naked to protest taxes levied by her husband.  GODIVA celebrates their namesake with the Lady GODIVA Program, which you're less likely to be familiar with.  (It's certainly new to me.)
Every two years a woman is chosen as the Lady GODIVA Honoree.  But every season a Local Lady GODIVAs are spotlighted.  Right now, there are nine semi-finalists divided into three regional groups of three.  You can vote once a day through June 28, 2012 for one woman in each region.  The three finalists will receive a thousand dollars each.  One Annual Local Lady GODIVA will receive ten thousand.

You can view the nine semi-finalists here.  There's still plenty of time to check out their causes and vote to show your support.

One nominee, Jennifer Frances of Tampa, FL, is the founder of Bess the Book Bus.  Using the money from her 401K, she has distributed more than 350,000 books to the children who need them.  The program is in its fourth year of national service and now partners with Transitions Optical and VSP Vision Care to provide eye exams and glasses to those children as well as books.  On their 2012 Success in Sight Tour they hope to give away more than 100,000 books in 44 states.  You can also visit Bess the Book Bus on Facebook and Twitter.  You can donate here.

Want to help Jennifer out but don't have the money?  Then vote for her.

(Please feel free to vote for one of the other women as well.  All nine semi-finalists deserve your support.)

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