September 4, 2012

Amazon Trolling?

Like most book bloggers, I crosspost my reviews to Amazon.  Today I noticed that four of my mini-reviews (posted here on Friday) had been commented on.  It's rare that one of my reviews gets a comment, much less four, so I went ahead and clicked over to each review.

First I read this comment on my review of THE VICIOUS DEEP:
"Horrible book...and mermaids are fiction, just like the moon landing."

Now that's just hilarious.  I laughed a little then went on to the next comment, figuring it would be something silly too.  The next one I read was left on SERAPHINA.
"I can't believe you gave this book 5 stars.  With its graphic references and violence, it is not suitable for children.  Peddling this smut to children is the same as peddling them cigarettes."

I still found this one funny, although I began to worry that dear Stefan Buckman might be serious.  Strangely, there are actually people who think like that.  But considering SERAPHINA isn't graphically violent or sexy, I assume the comment is parody.

Next comes this headscratcher on my review of OF POSEIDON:
"This book did not end abruptly, and your review is misleading on the product.  Emma spurns Galen's advances, as she should because he is a tyrannical jerk, and then she singlehandedly slays the acid-spewing chimera.  Bam!  Resolution."

This one is odd because it sounds like an actual comment on the book, but isn't even close to what happens.  So for those who haven't read the book, don't fear that you've just been spoiled.  There are no chimeras involved.

Finally, I clicked over to my review of ENCHANTED, curious to see what Stefan Buckman had to say this time.  But it wasn't Stefan Buckman!
"Liviania told me if I didn't leave a good review she would kill my family so i really liked this book"

And I don't even know what to do with that.  It's creepy, not funny.  I suppose I could deny the allegation.  In case it needs to be said, I have never threatened anyone to review a book well, and anyone includes William D Buckman and his family.  (Which I suppose would include Stefan Buckman?)  Aside from that, I just don't know.

But now I'm curious.  Have any of ya'll ever been trolled on Amazon?  What's the strangest comment you've received on a review?


  1. Oh wow, these are crazy! I don't post all my reviews on amazon, and I'm not really sure I noticed any comments when I did, so no trolling here. Creepy!!


    1. Well, only the one is creepy, but I found still found it crazy enough to post about. I wonder if there are other strange comments lurking on my Amazon reviews? I'm not curious enough to go check, however.

  2. People have wayyyy too much time on their hands. And these aren't even that clever (e.g. "How to Avoid Big Ships" has a bunch of outright hilarious reviews). Maybe take it as a compliment: the dude thought your reviews would get enough eyes on them that he had to add his two cents to be noticed!


  3. Jesus, fuck people really are creepy. Uh huh, good that noone leaves comments on my reviews on Amazon. Way creepy. :S :/

  4. That is so weird. Sorry this happened to you!

  5. What freaky ppl. Amazon comments are like that. I dont know which to take seriously. If i recognize a name then I take their review seriously. Otherwise I assume they are spam or the author paid them off to like the book to raise their ratings.

  6. That is really creepy…why would someone do that!?


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