September 30, 2012

Banned Books Week is Here!

Banned Books Week lasts from today (September 30) to October 6th.  It is a celebration of not just reading books that have been challenged, but of seeking out knowledge, using critical thinking to make decisions for yourself, and freedom of information and expression.  It's about being LOUD about your right to read. 

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Banned Books Week.  You can find out more information, including activities and resources, at the ALA website and  The Macmillan Children's Publishing Group is going to celebrate their seven most-challenged titles on their blog.  I've read five of the seven, and they're all great novels.

To celebrate, Google Play has 25 challenged novels on sale for 99 cents each.  (Prices may be matched in other online bookstores.)  YA titles include JULIE OF THE WOLVES by Jean Craighead George, THE TERRORIST by Caroline B. Cooney, and THE DROWNING OF STEPHAN JONES by Bette Greene.

I'm very, very busy this week, but I'll try to post something special for the week every day.


  1. I'm looking forward to reading about the books albeit that I can't take part. Thanks for the information about the 99 cent books, I'll have to see if it's happening here, too.

  2. I love Banned Books Week. Everyone is so passionate about it!

  3. Even with bloggiesta, I am so behind on my reviews, but I am thinking I might have to write abt American Psycho for Banned Books Week.

  4. Love this week!! It's promoting something truly wonderful. One of my favorite books (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) is banned for all sorts of things...and it's kind of cool that it comes out as a film this Friday near me, so I'll be seeing that in honor of the week. :)


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