September 2, 2012

Child Aid

Portland-based charity Child Aid works to improve literacy in over 50 villages in Guatemala, the country with the lowest literacy rate in Latin America.  The Reading for Life program reaches more than 8,500 children through the following activities (taken from site):
Each year, we help hundreds of teachers in remote villages more effectively teach children to read. We deliver tens of thousands of children’s books to neglected schools and libraries. We create and improve community libraries and train librarians to be promoters of reading in their villages. We provide scholarships, fund schools for children living in poverty, and support educational programs for indigenous girls. We also provide training, materials and support to local organizations that are working to improve educational opportunity for children.
You can help Child Aid in several ways, including volunteering, giving through work, and donating.  But I know everyone likes easy ways to help.  Thanks to a generous donor's pledge, $5 will be given to Child Aid for every Facebook like received between now and October 1st, up to $10,000.   Two seconds of your day is $5 for education.

Child Aid has a four-star rating from Charity Navigator.

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