March 30, 2009

Fourth Week Summary

During this week the first half winners were announced. I'll try to send e-mails to the three people who haven't contacted me yet, but it'd be great if I didn't have to.

Other contests still open can be found in the Third Week Summary. There are more to come as both kc dyer and Jeri Smith-Ready are giving something away.

Last week's first guest was Susan Fine, a debut YA author and teacher. She says to check her blog in May for opportunities to win a copy of INITIATION.

The second guest was Ann Haywood Leal, the debut author of ALSO KNOWN AS HARPER - an ARC of which is up for grabs. Generally, we all envy that's she been to Ireland.

Next came Jonathan Bernstein, whose debut book is HOTTIE. Everyone with eyes hates the new cover. Bookstore buyers across the nation feel a deep shame.

Fourth, our first debut vampire novelist of the week: Melissa Francis, with BITE ME! Let's up her adorable ARC cover doesn't get changed.

After her came another YA debut novelist Cheryl Renee Herbsman. BREATHING looks like it's going to be romantic and lovely, and some people are going to get awesome promo bookmarks for it and other novels.

The week's penultimate guest was Fran Cannon Slayton, discussing her debut WHEN THE WHISTLE BLOWS as well as random trivia about herself. Those with a fondness for railroads should be excited about the signed ARC up for grabs.

Finally, the other debut vampire novelist, Jaye Wells. I've been looking forward to RED-HEADED STEPCHILD, so I'm glad at least one commenter will have the chance to read it. And if you don't know anything about Lilith, the interview might teach you something.

Check out previous summaries and the first winner's post for buttons you can use to link to the blogiversary/birthday celebration. It's almost at an end, but I've had a great time and hope you have too.

Here's the final reiteration of the rules:

Each author contest can be entered by commenting on his or her interview or guest blog. The comment must be relevant to the content of the post.

Bonus entries can be earned by:
+5 Making a graphic that I can include on the blogiversary/b-day posts and others can use to link to the contest (must say
-These five entries can be distributed about contests of your choice
+1 Link to the contest
+1 Follow my blog
+1 Buy one of the author's books (and send me proof)

The last contest post will go live on the 31, but the second half contests (starting March 18) can be entered until April 6. Winners will be announced April 7. You can only win once during this block, but you can still win something even if you won in the first half of the month.

My birthday contest is separate. I will give my prize (to be determined) to someone who comments on both my birthday and the blogiversary. No, I am not telling you which day is my birthday. (For those who know my b-day, like Bookluver_Carol and Reviewer X, I'll make you do something else if you want the prize.) No extra entries, though I might be bribable. In fact, anyone who's dumb rich enough to buy me a Kindle 2 wins instantly.

My contest prize includes FIREFLY LANE, an ARC of THE VAST FIELDS OF ORDINARY, some coffee and tea, some bookmarks, and a signed Joe Craig Jimmy Coates poster - with more to be added.

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