March 7, 2009

Mini-March Interview with B

B, or Brooke, used to post her reviews on MySpace but has moved her operations to Brooke Reviews. Her current contest will interest paranormal book lovers.

1. When is your birthday?

June 22, 82

2. When did you start your blog?

February 19, 2008 :D

3. What's your favorite month and why?

My favorite month is May, it's my anniversary month, and there is Memorial Day weekend, and beach parties. :)

4. What do you like about March?

I like March because it means winter is almost over! We don't get much of a winter in Florida, but I'm always ready to be done with it.

5. What March book release are you most excited about?

City of Glass (Mortal Instruments, book 3) by Cassandra Clare


  1. Liviania, I am adding way too many new blogs to my blogroll. Darn you! I have a life to lead and a job to do and all that sort of stuff! These little interviews are fun and exciting but please limit them to those blogs I already know about.


    Ah, book 3 of Mortal Instruments. If only you were in paperback first. B, you're in my feeds now. ;)

  2. great interview, anniversaries are a great reason to love a month

  3. Happy birthday?



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