March 23, 2009

Third Week Summary

This week finished out the first half and began the second half of the blogiversary. You have until Tuesday, March 24th to enter the first half contests.

Previous contests can be found here and here.

Monday: S.G. Browne interview plus a contest for BREATHERS. (2 winners)

Tuesday: Wendy Toliver guest blog plus a contest for a cute photo frame

Wednesday: BLOGIVERSARY! Don't forget you have to comment on this post to win my special prize.

Then the second half opens with . . .

Thursday: Maggie Stiefvater's guest blog, plus a giveaway of a signed copy of the incredible LAMENT

Friday: John Marco's interview plus a contest for a signed copy of STARFINDER (2 winners)

Saturday: Shykia Bell's guest blog, plus a contest for a signed copy of CAMILEON

Sunday: Deborah Lytton's interview, plus a contest for a signed copy of JANE IN BLOOM

The rules remain:

Each author contest can be entered by commenting on his or her interview or guest blog. The comment must be relevant to the content of the post.

Bonus entries can be earned by:
+5 Making a graphic that I can include on the blogiversary/b-day posts and others can use to link to the contest (must say
-These five entries can be distributed about contests of your choice
+1 Link to the contest
+1 Follow my blog
+1 Buy one of the author's books (and send me proof)

The contests will run in two blocks. The first block, March 1-18, will have winners announced on March 25. You can only win once during this block. The second block, March 19-31, will have winners announce April 7. You can only win once during this block, but you can still win something even if you won in the first half of the month.

Separate from both of these is my birthday contest. I will give my prize (to be determined) to someone who comments on both my birthday and the blogiversary. No, I am not telling you which day is my birthday. (For those who know my b-day, like Bookluver_Carol and Reviewer X, I'll make you do something else if you want the prize.) No extra entries, though I might be bribable. In fact, anyone who's dumb rich enough to buy me a Kindle 2 wins instantly.

My contest prize includes FIREFLY LANE, an ARC of THE VAST FIELDS OF ORDINARY, and a signed Joe Craig Jimmy Coates poster - with more to be added.

Don't forget to keep coming because the guests are still awesome.


  1. I am loving this month on your blog! My only problem is that I am about 2 weeks behind. Ha! Have had a bit of a setback this month due to family and stuff so I have all your posts waiting to be read in my google reader! I just didn't want you to think I had stopped caring after you posted my interview. *grin*

    Thank you for having such an entertaining month!

  2. Whoohooo! Fun stuff for sure. I really hope I don't miss your Birthday. I'm trying to post on as much as I can. Love the posts though, so it's fun either way. :)


  3. I've commented on a bunch of contests, but I didn't mention that I'm already a follower.

    Will that count?

  4. Paradox - Yeah. You've been here often enough I recognize your handle.

  5. Happy birthday?


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