March 2, 2009

Mini-March Interview with Lauren

The second blogger interview is with Lauren of Shooting Stars Magazine. She's currently hosting a huge contest with lots of prizes for one lucky purchaser of WILLOW by Julia Hoban. You know you want to enter. Lauren's one of my most loyal commenters, so I wasn't surprised she was the second to answer my survey!

1. When is your birthday?

May 30

2. When did you start your blog?

August 2007

3. What's your favorite month and why?

October, because I like the fall the best and it's Halloween!

4. What do you like about March?

It's beginning to be Spring and that has some nice weather as well. It's my favorite season after Fall.

5. What March book release are you most excited about?

Shine, Coconut Moon by Neesha S. Meminger


  1. Apparently Lauren and I have a few things in common! I think Halloween is the best thing since sliced bread!

    I am going to discover some more cool blogs from this I think (already knew about this one though). This is a great idea Liviania!

  2. Whoohoooo!!! thanks for posting about the willow contest. EVERYONE should enter, yep yep. lol

    Yay for loving Halloween too, Cat. It's just lovely. :)


  3. my husband loves halloween...dressing up, decorating, carving pumpkins, etc. he's a halloween junky--even worked part-time at a halloween store for a couple of years.

  4. Happy birthday?



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