March 3, 2009

How to Say Liviania

This is because Melissa Walker brought it up. I keep meaning to write something about it, but forgetting. But here it is.

First, ya'll have to bear with some background. "Liviania," for those who haven't realized, is a pseudonym. I made up everything about the name from sound to spelling. (Google search reveals it is an actual name to some people. I don't know how they say it.) Since it was a username and thus meant to be written, I spelled it for aesthetic purposes rather than clear pronunciation. (It isn't until recently that people have had trouble spelling it. Just remember there are three i's.)

If I were to spell it so the pronunciation is clear, it would be Livyanya. C'mon ya'll, it's ugly.

That's right, the first two syllables are the name Livy. The next two are the name Anya, spelled Aine if you're Irish or Anja if you're German. I had advisory in a German classroom and stared at the name Anja on the wall. Very subliminal. But Livianja/Livyanja? No. Cut off the tail of the j, and hey, if a y can be used for an i . . . why not an i for a y?

I like Liviania because it's evocative of not only Liv, Livi, Anya, but also Lavinia, Livinia, Anna, Olivia, and many other names. There are three i's and two a's. None of the i's are said the same; neither of the a's The v opens up and the n down. It looks nice and once you know how to say it rolls off your mental tongue.


  1. I always thought it was pronounced Livi-Anna.
    -Senfaye :)

  2. I have, then, been pronouncing it in my head correctly :) Whatever happened to Deimyts? He still around?

  3. Wow, I had not idea there was such a demand for this explanation! Thanks.

  4. Senfaye - That would be reasonable but I like being difficult.

    Robbie - Deimyts is currently busy in uni for graphic design. I'll put him to work this summer when we live close enough for me to poke at him.

    For those wondering, Deimyts is stymied backwards. He doesn't care how you say it. I say it "Day-mights" and most of our friends follow my lead.

    Serena - You're welcome!

  5. Whenever I think of your name, I always go along with "Liv-vee-ana" in my head or out loud. Now I have learned something new! I love the "anya" part. x)

  6. ah! i know someone in RL with this name! for serious! she takes class with me sometimes. believe it or not, i met her not long after i met you...

  7. More than one way to skin a cat.

    But I love that you met someone with the name! I like knowing that it isn't completely made up.

  8. ohh, this is good to know. You should have a link to this post in your sidebar. :)

    Oh, and the video that Melissa did for you was super cool!

  9. I've been saying it right in my head! Whoo-hoo!

  10. I think I've been saying it wrong, but oh well. LOL it is a pretty looking name..and I spell it wrong too, I'm sure.

    Liviana. So that's it..I don't kno...I think I used to put Livinia. :)


  11. Happy birthday?



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